** The registration links below are only for players who has received a welcome package for the team.   Submitting the link below does not guarantee or warrant a place on the roster if you have not yet sent back the signed welcome package that you should have received.  

For Boys Registration Click Here For Girls Registration Click Here



  • It is very important that your child attends all practices and games, which is where their development happens. If your child cannot attend a practice or game, please let your coach know. If you do not attend more than half of the team practices, your child will not be allowed to participate in game play. If there’s conflict with other activities, we urge that UST activities come first.
  • There is NO EQUAL playing time in any game; home or away, or tournaments, even if it is an away tournament. If you are unaware of your child’s playing time for games, especially away tournaments, it is advised to speak with your child’s coach.
  • There is a 48-hour rule in place after every game, which means that parents are not allowed to approach the coach or trainer before, during or after a game or practice to discuss any issues. After the 48-hour rule, the parent can email their child’s coach and cc: the Director of Coaching and present their concerns and issue.
  • THERE IS NO COACHING FROM THE SIDELINE FROM ANYONE. It is important that you allow your child’s coach to coach the game and NOT yell out instructions from the sideline. You are allowed to support your child.
  • Guest playing for other clubs is not permitted. You are only allowed to play for Dix Hills UST SC and allowed to play for more than one team within the club. You are allowed to play up a year or 2 if permitted by the Director of Coaching.