About Us

2017 - 2018


with the sole mindset of changing one thing; the soccer culture. With a rigorous and creative training environment, UST pride itself on the sole development of the individual. Each session is specifically catered to the technical ability of each player in which we focus on creativity. Our mission is simple; to bring out the best in each individual within every aspect of the game. Players who attend our clinics, privates, and group session will encounter an environment where they will be challenged both physically and mentally. From 1st timers to highly advanced players, UST prides itself in changing the culture of soccer everywhere.

We are a training organization who soles goal is to produce, develop, and invoke creative passionate soccer players who love the game. Each time we encounter a player who shows love for the game, our job is to grow it. Our mission is simple and it¹s to motivate, push, and instill core fundamental aspects of the game as well as allowing a player to be creative. When a player enters any of our programs, we make it a priority to understand the individual first. With each session the player participates in, our staff analyzes and assess a plan for the individual to reach their maximum potential.

Work Ethic

At UST you will find staff members who work relentlessly on their craft and the philosophy for each individual. Each staff member takes a unique approach to the game in which within each session they will challenge every player mentally and physically. We believe every player has potential and with the right program and the right atmosphere, each individual who works with us will ultimately reach their maximum potential.


We pride ourselves on creating a family like environment where the child is our main priority. Each of our clients and their children will have an open line of communication with our staff members where the goal is ultimately centered around the child success on and off the field. We want our clients at UST to know that it is about YOU before US.